EA 58-63 Profibus

EA 58 B / C - 63 A / D / E Profibus - Solid shaft

The solid shaft singleturn EA 58 - EA 63 encoder series complies with the PROFIBUS® DP standard (as described on the European Standard EN 50170 Vol. 2) and, in particular, meets the requirements of “PROFIBUS-Profile for Encoders, Order No. 3.062”. The Profibus DP interface maintains the same maximum resolution (8.192 ppr) and features of the stand-alone version, but with the plus and flexibility of the Profibus DP network. EA58 EA63

External diameter (max) 63 mm
Shaft diameter (max) 10 mm
Resolution (max) 13 bit
Output frequency (max) 12 Mbaud
Operating temperature (°C) 0° ... +60°
Enclosure rating IP 66

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