Industrial Automation

Solutions for motion control in industrial automated systems

Reliability, speed and endurance are common and key factors for an efficient operation of systems and robots among the broad field of the Factory Automation. These features play a central role also in the electro-mechanical components of the machines applied in the motion control technology.
Eltra has an extensive catalog of encoders with a high level of resolution and IP rating

that satisfy the needs of this macro-area of application in terms of electronics – with several interfaces and output frequencies available – and mechanics – with a large number of flanges and diameters options – in order to offer a wide spectrum of standard products.
Moreover, for all those production plants and systems that have specific requirements, Eltra offers custom-tailored solutions designed to meet the Client’s needs.

Suggested product

EMA 50

Magnetic singleturn absolute EMA 50 (ø 50 mm) encoder series for solid shaft mounting systems. Several mechanical flanges (also anodized), SSI and par... EMA 50 A / B - Solid shaft

EML 50

Absolute singleturn EML 50 (ø 50 mm) encoder series for solid shaft. This line features all the advantages of the magnetic technology and has a very f... EML 50 A / B - Solid shaft


ETMR is a no-contact magnetic encoder series with through hollow shaft up to 35 mm. Its compact size (only 11 mm of axial thickness), high IP grade an... ETMR

EA 36

Not for new design, please consider  EMA36 B series for new design. EOL notification. Singleturn absolute EA 36 (ø 36 mm) encoder series, developed wi... EA 36 A - solid shaft

EL - ER 30

The EL 30 - ER 30 series consists of miniaturized encoders (ø 30 mm) ideal when a minimal size and excellent performances are required. Several flange... EL - ER 30 E / H

EAM 36

Magnetic multiturn absolute EAM 36 (ø 36 mm) encoder series. The multiturn counting is developed with an innovative self-powered Energy Harvesting Tec... EAM 36 F / G - Blind hollow shaft

EL - ER 58

EL 58 series not for new design, please consider EMI 58 series for new design. EOL notification . Solid shaft rotary incremental EL 58 - ER 58 (ø 58 m... EL - ER 58 B / C / H / T