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ELTRA News – June 2020

*These last few extraordinary months have forced the whole company to come up with new methods and tools to interact and communicate more effectively. We took the opportunity to make our range of encoders evolve in their potential for interaction and communication, and we are now happy to present to you our first EtherCAT protocol equipped encoder, the AAM58!!*  

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ELTRA News – February 2020

Coming to cinemas in *1985* was *“Back to the Future”*, the first instalment of the successful and entertaining sci-fi saga created by Robert Zemeckis about the dramatic journeys back and forth in time rendered possible by the brilliant inventor Emmet “Doc” Brown, thanks to his fantastic flying car. In the same year, *Nintendo* launched the *Android robot R.O.B.* and *Microsoft* released the first version of the *Windows operating system*.

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ELTRA News – July 2019


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