Motor Feedback

Devices for electric motors of any kind and size

The motor feedback industry comprehends many technologies applied to a large variety of markets: from elevating systems to material handling, from the manufacturing to the iron and steel industry, the motor is the heart of any mechanism in motion. For this reason it’s necessary that each and every of its components shall be extremely robust, solid and, at the same time, accurate and effective for its employment.


In accordance with the requirements of the drive technology industry, Eltra offers several lines of incremental and absolute encoders, designed to be very adaptable and efficient both in terms of technical features, providing a wide choice of resolutions and mounting systems, suitable for several types and sizes of shafts and motors, that in terms of costs, by offering solutions with a very interesting price/quality ratio.

Suggested product

EMI 55

The EMI 55 (ø 55 mm) magnetic incremental encoder series, due to its elevated IP sealing and its high operating speed, is suitable for several applica... EMI 55 A

EH 50

EH 50 (ø 50 mm) encoder series, with highly integrated optical ASIC, suitable for small size motors due to its reduced dimensions. This line features ... EH 50 FA / FP

EF 80

Not for new design, please consider  EF36 or EF49 series for new design. EOL notification. EF 80 (ø 80 mm) encoder series used for feedback systems on... EF 80 C/ P

EH - EL 88

EH 88 - EL 88 (ø 88 mm) through hollow shaft encoder series, designed for middle size asynchronous motors. Sturdy mechanic, easy mounting; several out... EH - EL 88 P

EF 36

Miniaturized EF 36 K (ø 36 mm) encoder series with "Hall effect" phases integrated, recommended in feedback control systems on AC servomotors. This se... EF 36 K

EL 49

The EL49 rotary encoder series (ø 49 mm) is recommended in feedback control systems on AC servomotors. · 3 channel encoder (A / B / Z) up to 2048 ppr·... EL 49 C / P

EH 17 - EH 30

Miniaturized EH 17 - EH 30 M encoder series, supplied as a kit, for integration in small sized AC/DC motors, stepper motors or for applications where ... EH 17 - EH 30 M kit encoder

EMI 22

EMI 22 (ø 22 mm) miniaturized magnetic incremental encoder series, resistant to a wide range of temperature and high operating speed. Suitable for sev... EMI 22 A

EMA 22

EMA 22 (ø 22 mm) is a miniaturized absolute encoder featuring magnetic technology, for which it can be employed in particularly harsh environments as,... EMA 22 A - SSI

EAM 36

Magnetic multiturn absolute EAM 36 (ø 36 mm) encoder series. The multiturn counting is developed with an innovative self-powered Energy Harvesting Tec... EAM 36 F / G - Blind hollow shaft