EPLC is an absolute linear potentiometer transducer without internal rod. This transducer is characterized by a cursor with integrated coupling sliding on the axis. This system eliminates problems due to air compression generated from the insertion of the rod and longer strokes are reached. 

Stroke length 100 ... 1.500 mm
Linearity 0,05%
Displacement speed (max) 10 m/s
Operating temperature (°C) -30° ... +100°
Enclosure rating IP 40



EMSPS  is an absolute linear magnetostrictive transducer featuring a digital RS422-SSI compliant output. The main characteristic of magnetostrictive transducers is the absence of electric contact on the enclosure there is no issue of wear or deterioration during working life guaranteeing high displacement speed and precision. High reliability and simple installation even for applications with mechanical stresses, shocks or high contamination are assured by the compact size and the rugged enclosure. 

Stroke length 50 ... 1.500 mm
Resolution (max) 0,040 mm
Displacement speed (max) 10 m/s
Operating temperature (°C) -30° ... +75°
Enclosure rating IP 67
Sampling time 1,5 ms


EBMA - Incremental magnetic band

Magnetic tape for ETMA sensor.

EAM 58-63 Parallel / SSI

EAM 58 F - EAM 63 F / G - Parallel / SSI - Hollow shaft

Blind hollow shaft EAM 58 - EAM 63 (ø 58-63 mm) series of optical multiturn absolute encoders, with parallel or SSI electronics. This series is designed for industries that require an excellent accuracy on extended linear displacements; it has cable connector output and protection class up to IP 66, gray and binary code output with several electronics are available to allow a broad use in all industry fields.  EAM58 EAM63

External diameter (max) 63 mm
Shaft diameter (max) 15 mm
Resolution (max) 13 bit ST / 14 bit MT
Output frequency (max) 25 kHz (par.) / 100 kHz ... 1 MHz (SSI)
Operating temperature (°C) 0° ... +60°
Enclosure rating IP 54

EAM 36

EAM 36 B - Solid shaft

Magnetic absolute multiturn EAM 36 (ø 36 mm) encoder series. The multiturn counting is developed with an innovative self-powered Energy Harvesting Technology, based on the Wiegand system, so the encoder doesn't need gears nor batteries. EAM 36 is a high-resolution, extremely sturdy, compact and versatile solution, easy to setup (code reset). EAM36

External diameter (max) 36 mm
Shaft diameter (max) 6 mm
Resolution (max) 15 bit ST / 40 bit MT
Output frequency (max) 100 kHz ... 1 MHz
Operating temperature (°C) -30° ... +100°
Enclosure rating IP 67 / IP 65
Linearity ± 0,35° max

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