Ruote metriche - 200 mm

RH 200 A / B / C

The RH 200 metric wheels are designed for specific industrial applications where is required to measure a linear movement (i.e. continuous sheet cutting machines of wood, textiles, glass, etc.). Precise reading and high-stress resistance are the main features of these encoders. The body is entirely designed of aluminium and mounted using an oscillating arm pivoted on the shaft. It comes with an integrated self-lubricating compact box to assure a long operation period without any maintenance. The weight of the metric wheel keeps a stable contact with the material, allowing an accurate measurement of both length and speed. The wheel surface can be in crossed-knurl aluminium, special anti-oil or anti-sliding rubber.  RH200

Stroke length 200 mm
Resolution (max) 5.000 ppr
Shaft diameter (max) 8 mm
Output frequency (max) 500 kHz
Operating temperature (°C) -10° ... +60°
Enclosure rating IP 64



EPLB is an absolute linear potentiometer transducer. Mechanical mounting is made simpler by the presence of two spherical joints on the two sides and by the enclosure’s cylindrical shape. Thanks to its robustness and precision EPLB represents a great solution in most mechanical application for automation. 

Stroke length 50 ... 750 mm
Linearity 0,05%
Displacement speed (max) 5 m/s
Operating temperature (°C) -30° ... +100°
Enclosure rating IP 65



EMSPB absolute linear magnetostrictive transducer with analog interface.Thanks to the absence of electric contact on the enclosure there is no issue of wear and deterioration during working life. Magnetostrictive technology guarantees great performances of speed and precision. High reliability and simple installation even for applications with mechanical stresses, shocks or high contamination are assured by the compact size and the rugged enclosure.

Stroke length 50 ... 1.500 mm
Displacement speed (max) 10 m/s
Operating temperature (°C) -20° ... +75°
Enclosure rating IP 65
Linearity 0,04%


FES 3000 / FES 6000 / FES 15000

Rope encoder FES 3000 / FES 6000 / FES 15000 series available for lengths up to 15 m. The attached encoder can be incremental or absolute (also with with SSI or filedbus interface).
Perfectly suitable also for harsh environments, thanks to its excellent mechanical strength. It can be used in wide range of applications such as: vertical warehouses, presses, extruders, etc.  FES3000 - FES6000 - FES13500  FES15000

Stroke length 3.000 - 13.500 mm
Displacement speed (max) 0,8 - 4 m/s
Operating temperature (°C) -40° ... +80°

EH 17 - EH 30 MH

EH 17 - EH 30 MH kit encoder

This new model represents an extension of the EH 17 - EH 30 series; it is a miniaturized incremental kit encoder, ideal for the integration on small size AC/DC motors, stepper motors and for applications that require reduced dimensions. The series has been improved with a significant increase of resolution (5.000 ppr), temperature range (-20° ... +85°C) and rotation speed (10.000 rpm), while maintaining the features of easy assembly and no wear.  EH17MH EH30MH

External diameter (max) 30 mm
Shaft diameter (max) 6,35 mm
Resolution (max) 5.000 ppr
Output frequency (max) 1 MHz
Operating temperature (°C) -20° ... +85°
Enclosure rating IP 54

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