ELTRA News – November 2020

The months following lockdown were particularly intense, with so much desire to make, create and produce, as is often the case following a hiatus. Time seems accelerated and more hectic, with the need to be even faster and more efficient. Hence why we thought to support our customers by enhancing the Express Service, offering a brand-new opportunity.




AAM58 Profinet, Automation 4.0 

The greatest innovations are those able to intercept and extensively accompany evolution. Some years after its “birth”, we can say with a hint of pride that our AAM 58 PROFINET encoder has managed to carve out an important niche in parallel with the development of automation 4.0. Its ability to synergistically dialogue with other encoders in a complex interconnected system ensures it remains a high-performance, useful and ductile device. 

The Profinet IO electronic interface of this absolute multiturn encoder is able to connect multiple devices working and communicating with each other in an integrated network, in which all aspects can be set-up and managed via PC.

The overall 5-bit resolution (13 bits as single-turn + 12 for multi-turn) and M12 connectors ensure rapid setupwhilst the particularly broad temperatures tolerance (from -40° to +80° C) render it possible to use in any operating environment for high performance, versatility and long-seller reliability.

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EXPRESS SERVICE: Try it for free!

A company’s worth is not merely determined by the quality of its products but also by the utility and efficiency of the services it can offer. Have you tried out our Express Service? This is the best time to do so: starting from Nov. 2nd - and for a limited period of time - an AAM58 PROFINET encoder order comes with the offer of shipping in 48 hours (the Express 48 service) at no additional charge! (*)

Based on the feedback received, the Express Service is one of the solutions our customers appreciate most, having the ability to quickly resolve issues related to urgencies, missed orders or sudden faults. A service in line with our philosophy of liaising with the customer as a partner with a focus on concrete needs and not mere product suppliers. This concept also includes Online Technical Support and Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) – as true “friends” there for each other whenever the need arises!


(*) The offer will start at 8.30 (CEST) on Nov. 2nd 2020 and will end until the cessation of the same that will be decided by Eltra S.p.A. at its sole discretion.
The offer is aimed at Eltra s.p.a. who, on that date, have already made at least one purchase in the last 12 months. New customers can be served through the sales network if participating in the initiative. Eltra S.p.a. reserves at its sole discretion whether or not to accept orders. The promotion is limited to a single order up to 3 pieces max per Customer for the duration of the same.
For the conditions of sale refer to

For more information on the promotion, please contact the Express Service  team via




InnovUp, Italian innovation teams up

This “union” aims to reinforce the system linked to innovation and startups in Italy: APSTI (the Italian Scientific and Technological Parks Network) and Italia Startup (the Italian Association of Startups and Innovation) have teamed up to create InnovUp - Startup & Tech Italian Ecosystem.

Hence, two of the best-known associations in this field come together as an authority in the Italian innovation chain, with particular attention paid to young companies in the initial phases of development, so as to achieve growth and consolidation. APSTI conglomerates 20 Scientific and Technological Parks, 150 Research Centres and over 3,500 hosted enterprises. Amongst the Italia Startup associates are 200-plus accelerators/incubators, corporates, scaleups and enablers. InnovUp will thus be able to strengthen and multiply the synergies of the chain, reducing the fragmentation that has weakened the Italian system on the international scene to date.

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