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Let's go!

Back and forth, countless times, interacting with constant precision with all the other elements of the machine of which it forms part: the life of a linear transducer is tough! And when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Indeed strength and wear resistance are among the most distinguishing features of the great family of Eltra’s magnetostrictive absolute transducers, which are available in a variety of models designed to best perform in different usage contexts.

The absence of mechanical contact with the slider is a common factor that minimizes wear and tear, ensuring, at the same time, high performance in terms of speed and accuracy.

The robustness of these products makes them also suitable for applications in harsh environments, with considerable mechanical stress or in the presence of contaminating agents.

According to needs, you can choose between models with an analogue (EMSPA, EMSPB, EMSSA) or digital output with SSI format (EMSPS, EMSSS). Moreover, these transducers come in a profile version (ESMPA, ESMPB, EMSPS) or stem version (EMSSA, EMSSS), which are particularly effective for applications subject to high pressures such as from hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

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The new catalogue

The world of encoders can be confusing. How can you choose from such a wide range of devices that are apparently very similar yet very different in terms of technical specifications? We have tried to help you by developing our 2018 catalogue as a kind of map and practical guide to an exploration of the Eltra universe. The catalogue is at your disposal and freely downloadable from the site

In the download area, you can access this extremely useful, quick and easy-to-use tool, accompanied by tables that summarize the features and models of each product. Given the appreciation of last year’s version, the introductory section “Technical Basics” has been kept included. This presents an introduction to encoder basics: what are, how they are made, how they work, what possible applications there are, etc.





Hi-tech ski lifts

The month of intense work after the Christmas holidays is often particularly stressful. For those who can afford it, a little relaxation among snowy mountains is just what is needed... But there’s no escaping encoders. Even at high altitudes, these small technological devices are working hard. As an example, you’ll find them used in ski lifts. And, around the world, there are some truly amazing ones.

In winter 2017-18 alone, 80 new facilities were installed in the Alps and in North America, where the sector is deemed particularly strategic. On the StubaiGlacier in Austria, one of the world's greatest skiing nations, is a spectacular cable car, the longest in the Alps at 7.4 km. It boasts leather seats, Wi-Fi and Pininfarina design. In Soelden, on the other hand, is the gondola lift with the world’s highest hourly capacity of 4500 people an hour travelling at 6.5 metres per second. Utmost attention is also paid to ergonomics, comfort and safety, with automation systems that manage the sliding door openings and extremely slow movement within the station to allow people to easily get on and off.

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