AAM 58 F R EtherCAT

AAM 58 F R EtherCAT - Blind Hollow shaft

The blind hollow shaft multiturn AAM 58 encoder series complies with the ETHERCAT standard and, in particular, meets the requirements of CoE (Canopen over EtherCAT DS-301+DS-406)The version with the EtherCAT interface increases communication performance and adds the potential and flexibility typical of the Ethernet network. AAM58R

Ethercat tested sito small

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External diameter (max) 64 mm
Shaft diameter (max) 12 mm
Resolution (max) 13 bit ST / 12 bit MT
Output frequency (max) 100 Mbit/s
Operating temperature (°C) -40° ... +80°C
Enclosure rating IP 65

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