ELTRA News – June 2020

These last few extraordinary months have forced the whole company to come up with new methods and tools to interact and communicate more effectively. We took the opportunity to make our range of encoders evolve in their potential for interaction and communication, and we are now happy to present to you our first EtherCAT protocol equipped encoder, the AAM58!!  



AAM50 giugno2020

AAM58 EtherCAT, expanding possible interconnections 

A network that uses the Ethernet for Control Automation Technology, or EtherCAT, protocol can connect up to 65,535 devices, therefore offering a practically infinite number of expansion and interconnection possibilities. Eltra’s new AAM58 encoders are the first Eltra devices equipped with the EtherCAT protocol specifically developed for use with this widespread, efficient and rapid network.

After all, the AAM58 model is used to being a forerunner for our range. In autumn 2016, it was precisely this multi-turn optical sensor encoder that was first equipped with the Profinet interface, allowing it to connect with other encoders in an integrated network configurable in every aspect via PC. Now the interconnection possibilities have multiplied exponentially with the new EtherCAT protocol and output frequencies of up to 100 Mbit/s. The latest advanced version also boasts the characteristics of maximum resolution (25 bits) and high efficiency of the stand-alone version, with the two protruding shaft and blind hollow shaft models and a wide temperature tolerance range (from -40° to +80°) allowing the encoder to be used in the most varied operating environments.

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EncoderPedia + Video Tutorials: a helping hand

 Our production universe is expanding, and, at the same time, we are also updating the EncoderPedia section of our website and our YouTube channel video tutorials. In this way, we can help our customers get to know our world better and approach our products in the simplest and most effective way, also with regard to our new EtherCAT range.

EncoderPedia is an introductory guide to the world of encoders, designed to be easy to understand even for those not dealing with computer engineering all day, every day. In this popular section of our website, you will also now find a presentation of the fundamentals of the EtherCat protocol, along with the answers to ordinary questions, such as “What are the differences between optical and magnetic encoders?”, presentations of the various interface and protocol characteristics, and our practical guide to reading Eltra order codes.

And, on our YouTube channel, we have added a step-by-step video guide to installing our AAM58 EtherCAT encoders here it is!




Automation for social distancing

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to rethink many aspects of our usual habits. The term “social distancing” has entered our vocabulary and affects our daily relationships as part the “new normal” experienced by every one of us. Technology is also developing useful solutions to satisfy such unprecedented demands. Indeed, the first automation tools are already facilitating social distancing.

The specialist Automazione Industriale portal recently presented People Counter, a simple and effective tool, assembled in less than an hour, that records the number of people entering and leaving a certain place, providing indications on the safest time for more people to enter, which is particularly useful for retail environments. Two photoelectric proximity sensors, forming light curtains, detect the direction of movement, while a miniaturized Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) calculates the number of people entering and leaving the shop in real time. A password-protected HMI touchscreen display is used to set the maximum number of people allowed and operates as a traffic light.

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