ELTRA News – February 2020

Coming to cinemas in 1985 was “Back to the Future”, the first instalment of the successful and entertaining sci-fi saga created by Robert Zemeckis about the dramatic journeys back and forth in time rendered possible by the brilliant inventor Emmet “Doc” Brown, thanks to his fantastic flying car. In the same year, Nintendo launched the Android robot R.O.B. and Microsoft released the first version of the Windows operating system.


Meanwhile, Eltra was founded in Sarego, a town in Italy’s north-east in the province of Vicenza—a company intended to keep pace with the technological evolution focusing on the design, development and commercialisation of encoders

35 years on, our enthusiasm and mission remain exactly the same. Are you keen to discover what innovationswe have in store for you in 2020?



MOCKUP catalogue Eltra 2020

40 pages of innovation 

In Eltra’s 2020, innovation proliferates and needs space. Physical space—in the most literal and concrete sense of the word—that you can touch with your hand. Compared to the 2019 version, the new 2020 catalogue counts a good 40 additional pages of new products (such as the encoders with the EtheCAT protocol) and many updates to technologies already available on and appreciated by the market, in order to increase performance, ductility and the possibilities for using our devices. To mark 35 years since our foundation, we decided to review our presentation also from a graphic design perspective. We hope that the new layout will be to your liking and be even more functional! Download the Eltra 2020 catalogue here.


# ELTRA 1985-2020

Logo 35 anni eltra

Yesterday like today, projected to tomorrow

For any business, 35 years in operation constitutes a wealth of history and significant experience. We are often asked, “What has changed along the way?” In truth, everything has changed and yet, in a certain sense, everything is just the same as day one.

Take for example our headquarters: the main plant is still in Sarego, at the same location in which everything got underway yet the “external skeleton” now houses production lines that have been renewed several times over, always in view of greater efficiency.  In 2000, we opened foreign branches in Slovakia and China; in 2004, we became a joint stock company; in 2008, we adopted the international approach of the Avago Technologies group (now Broadcom). All the while, we have constantly invested in the training and growth of our human resources.  Naturally, our technicians have changed over time but the underlying philosophy has remained the same—today as per yesterday, we at Eltra project ourselves towards tomorrow, each and every day



eltra newsletter feb

Postcards from CES 2020

Another aspect that has not changed over time is our all-round curiosity about the technological evolution—we like to look beyond the horizon to focus on observing the world changing at a marvellously dizzying speed. As always, the beginning of the new year was characterised by the international showcase of CES in Las Vegas.What are the most interesting innovations? Here’s a good round-up:

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