ELTRA News – July 2019



EAM 36, a renewed “classic” 

Can you improve on a product that already works so well? Not only is it possible but it is also entirely necessary if you want to keep up with new market needs. Hence why we have generated a significant upgrade of the EAM36 encoder, one of Eltra's top sellers - conferring new potential to a little big “classic” in our range.

This absolute multi-turn encoder with magnetic technology has long been appreciated due to being extremely robust, compact and versatile, easy to install thanks to the zeroing of the code. It auto-powers through counting the “turns” thanks to Energy Harvesting Technology, without the need for a battery or gears. The new release presents an enhanced 15-bit resolution in single-turn, an extended operating temperature (with the range now extending from -30 to +100° Celsius), a blind shaft with an internal diameter of up to 10 mm and optional Integrated M12 connector. If you were satisfied with the “old” EAM 36, you will love the new version...

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EncoderPedia, the guide expands

One of the most appreciated and visited sections on our website is EncoderPedia, where we try to gather the fundamental elements and concepts from the world of encoders, explaining everything in a somewhat less complex language suited even to readers who are not engineers or specialist technicians. But by its very nature, knowledge is constantly evolving and amplifying, hence even our EncoderPedia has been expanded.

Users will then be able to find answers to the most “classic” questions (What is an optical encoder or a magnetic encoder?) but also understand the different characteristics of the various interfaces (mechanical/electronic/parallel/incremental), or further their understanding of protocols such as Profibus and Profinet, which have marked the evolution of products in recent years. Finally, there is a useful “practical guide” to reading the Eltra order code.

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If a robot mowed the lawn

Baggage ready, house sorted, alarm set - you are ready to set off on your holidays. Yes, but who will mow the lawn in your absence?If you don’t have a particularly kind neighbour, a good garden robot can take care of the grass. In recent years, this sector has grown considerably, thanks to the quantity of available products and guaranteed characteristics. Today, we are truly spoilt for choice.

The portal recently presented an interesting comparative anthology between some of the best products on the market. Taking into consideration the noisiness, extension of the work areaautonomy and charging times, through to the ability to “map” the work pathways to then autonomously optimise and repeat, every robot lawn mower has peculiar characteristics that must be thoroughly assessed in order to select the one that best suits your needs. And there is no risk of theft - in fact, just like Smartphones, the latest generation devices only function if unlocked with the security pin.

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